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Buy coil spring compressor online in USA

Buy coil springs online here, at This is the coil compression spring division of Acxess Spring. You will be able to find several types of coil springs which you can request a quote for, or simply use our coil spring finder tool to search our vast coil spring catalogue.

There are different types of coil springs. You have the regular compression spring and other alternative open wound springs with variable diameters or variable pitch. Coil springs with variable diameters are: conical (tapered) springs, barrel (concave) springs, and hourglass (convex) shaped springs. Their shape depends on how the diameters are varied and these need to provide stability and their design reduces solid height. The different coil spring types are shown below.

Compression Springs Conical Springs Barrel Springs Hourglass Springs Dual-Pitch Springs Torsional Compression Springs

coil spring compressor tool

In our stock spring catalog, you are able to find both stock compression springs and stock conical springs. You can buy these coil springs online by using our spring finder tool (which will help you find the ideal spring based on your design’s tolerances). Once you find your springs, you can add them to your cart and order them online as long as you meet our (minimum order $69). If you aren’t able to find your springs in stock, you can create a custom spring.

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There are two ways to acquire custom springs. You can use the Spring Creator tool our spring design calculator to generate a design for any type of spring. If you need a simple compression spring design, you can use our Instant Spring Quote calculator (ISQ) to input the dimensions and get a quote at the same time.

When you generate a design through Spring Creator it allows you to generate an instant quote by clicking on “Get an Instant Spring Quote of your spring design“.

You will receive a quote for quantity lots between the 25 piece minimum and 25,000 pieces. If you need more than 25,000 springs, you may request a quote at If you have a custom coil spring design with variable diameters, variable pitch, or if ISQ was unable to generate a quote please contact us through email.


For small quantity orders (most commonly used to replace a spring or for samples and prototyping), you can use Spring Finder and find a similar spring in stock.

If you are already in the production phase of your design, or are looking to purchase either a large production quantity or a large compression spring, you can go for a custom route.

Feel free to contact our sales and engineering departments for further assistance on purchasing your coil springs.


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