Grip Steering Wheel Cover

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Buy Grip Steering Wheel Cover. ProElite inside out grip black hyper-flex core steering wheel cover will give your car a clean-cut look while providing extra driving comfort with its smooth grip. Bell’s one ofa-kind patented hyper-flex core technology is a revolutionary steering wheel cover inner core that allows for unprecedented flexibility while maximizing rigidity for the ease of remarkably fast installation. This extremely light steering wheel cover is virtually odor-free, and will fit most steering wheels up to 15.5 In. in diameter. Protect your hands from hot or cold steering wheels, and experience this innovative product for the utmost driving pleasure.Buy Grip Steering Wheel Cover
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    Revolutionary featherlite construction
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    Virtually odor-free
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    Protects hands from hot and cold steering wheels
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    Easy and fast installation to fit most steering wheels
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    Patented hyper-flex core – innovative inner core allows for unprecedented flexibility
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    Smooth grip for extra driving comfort
  • A grip steering wheel cover is an accessory that can be slip over a car’s steering wheel to provide a more secure grip while driving. The cover is typically made of a rubber or silicone material that has a textured or patterned surface for added traction and comfort. The grip steering wheel cover is design to improve the driver’s handling and control, especially in situations where the steering wheel may become slippery due to rain, snow, or sweat. It also protects the steering wheel from wear and tear, and can add a touch of personal style to the interior of the car.

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