Duralast Platinum AGM Battery BCI Group Size 94R 850 CCA H7-AGM

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– Duralast Platinum AGM Battery BCI Group Size 94R with 850 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps), known as H7-AGM.
– Designed to surpass the performance of your original AGM battery, delivering maximum starting power and reserve capacity.
– Advanced AGM technology provides up to 2 times the cycle life of conventional batteries for long-lasting durability.
– Leak-proof and spill-proof design ensures safer operation and maintenance-free power.
– Ideal for vehicles with start-stop technology and power-demanding accessories.
– Enhanced vibration resistance and superior durability to withstand tough road conditions.
– Superior cold weather performance guarantees reliable starting power, even in extreme temperatures.
– Resistant to internal corrosion from heat, extending battery lifespan.
– Backed by a warranty, offering peace of mind and confidence in the product’s quality and performance.- Duralast Platinum AGM Battery

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