EBC Performance Brake Pads Rotors Kit S9KF1647

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EBC Performance Brake Pads  Save 15% over cost of buying separate parts with this quality pad and rotor kit which includes pads rotors pads rotors and caliper lube. The benefits iof this kit over the S5 Kit is the reduc wind noise from the fine slott USR
series rotors.Kit includes EBC flagship GG rate yellowstuff high friction pads for maximum brake effect fully shimm chamfer and slotted finish wth patent EBC Brake in coating for fast pad seating and USR sport slotted rotors. EBC Performance Brake Pads
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    Super Fast Street And Track Kit
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    EBC Yellowstuff High Friction Pads
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    USR Fine Slotted Sport Rotors
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    Geomet Anti Rust Coating
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    Direct Fit No Changes Required Over Stock Set UP
  • No Warranty In Race Use

In other words, EBC Performance Brake Pads Rotors Kit S9KF1647 is a high-quality brake upgrade kit that is design to provide superior stopping power, improve braking performance, and extend rotor and pad life. This kit includes a set of high-performance brake pads that are made from a ceramic .  Also, composite material that offers excellent durability, resistance to fade and overheating, and enhanc stopping power.

EBC Yellowstuff High Friction Pads


Moreover, kit also includes a set of precision-machined rotors that are design to resist warping and cracking, ensuring consistent and reliable stopping power. more over, The rotors feature a special coating that helps to prevent corrosion and increase their lifespan.

Geomet Anti Rust Coating

Also, EBC Performance Brake Pads Rotors Kit S9KF1647 is design to be a direct replacement for your vehicle’s factory brakes, making it easy to install without any modifications. In addition,Whether you’re on the street or the track, this brake kit is the perfect upgrade to help you stop faster and more confidently. Also

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